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We Create and Sell Our Own Online Products & Services and Can Show You How To Do the Same in Your Business!

Take a look at some of the best selling books and online courses we've created below. Can you apply any of the models we use to your own business?
Learn How To Market & Publish Your Own Book, Create an Online Course or Build a Sales Funnel and Follow Up System for Your Products or Services.....
DOTCOM Secrets
Let us mail you a free copy of our underground playbook that will show you step by step, how to grow your company online. This book will make you more money and get your business more customers, clients or patients......
Marketing Funnels

Get a free, 2 week trial of the exact system we use to create lead capture pages, marketing funnels and online courses for all of our products and services....
Publish Your Own Book
Anyone can write a book. We can show you how to successfully publish, launch and market your book better than most professional publishing houses.
The Blue Light Diet
The Blue Light Diet, available in print, Kindle and Audible, proves that the kind of light you allow in your life is just as important to your health as the food you eat.
The Blue Light Detox

The Blue Light Detox is a 30 day online course that shows you how to get unhealthy light out & the healthy light into your life. It helps you put what you learned from reading The Blue Light Diet into action....
Marketing Strategy
Need an experienced pair of online marketing eyes to guide you in the right direction? Schedule a low cost phone consultation now.
The Model Adviser
Why wait to be discovered? Learn from successful, pro models and model managers how to breakthrough the clutter and get noticed in a step by step online video training program.
Stack Silver Get Gold
Learn how to buy gold and silver without getting ripped off with this #1 Amazon Best Selling book and online training course.
Make More Money!
We can help you add new products, create lead capture funnels and follow up sequences to help you monetize your already existing products and services.  
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