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Chicago Internet Marketing Services, Consulting & Business Growth Systems.

We get it. You want to grow your business but you just don't have the time. You're way too busy running your business to put any quality effort into the marketing of your business.  Our proven Chicago internet marketing services, strategies and business growth systems leverage the combined power of reputation marketing, automated follow up systems, the psychological principle known as "social proof" and local SEO to get your business found online and convert prospects looking for the products and services you sell into your paying customers, clients or patients who refer their friends and buy from you again and again.


Why Us?

You're the expert at delivering your services. We're the experts at marketing them.   Using our internet marketing services and business growth systems will result in more sales for your business as well as build the value of your business over time. In order to be a pro at something, you've got to learn and practice at it day after day after day. You never stop. As Abraham Lincoln says "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe". We never stop sharpening the axe. We live and breathe internet marketing, marketing and business growth strategies. We'll implement some of the most effective "Done for You" marketing systems available today that will transform your business into the local market leader, make you more money and actually grow your business. Prefer to do the marketing yourself? We also have step by step, do it yourself internet marketing systems and training programs that will teach your staff our Chicago internet marketing skills as well as how to set up your own in house marketing and business growth systems.

We're looking for exclusive partners, not necessarily clients. And not just in the city of Chicago. Because of this, we only work with one business per niche per city which means you will not find us offering our internet marketing systems to your competitors.  We also believe that if you're not happy with our services or systems, you shouldn't have to continue to pay for them. Many Chicago internet marketing companies make you sign long term contracts and then provide amateur level service. Not us. You won't have to sign any long term contracts.  We  offer month by month internet marketing and SEO contracts that you can cancel at anytime.  However not many of our partners ever cancel because our Chicago web marketing services and systems make them more money than they are paying out.

Although our Chicago internet marketing services are able to help any local business in any city become a market leader on the internet, we specialize in a few key business niche's:

  • CPA's, Accountants and Lawyers
  • Doctors, Dentists and Chiropractors
  • Car Dealerships
  • Spas, Health Clubs and Gyms

"Working with The B24 Group for our website's SEO &  internet marketing paid off in just one month's time! They were very helpful at coaching us through some of the internet marketing process so that we could learn what goes on behind the scenes, but also took matters into their own hands to get us more clients, faster. We started acquiring new clients quickly after we began working with B24 and would definitely recommend their internet marketing services to anyone looking to get their website converting prospects into clients."

-Kelsey Erickson, Erickson Wealth and Tax Management


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